The life and safety 

of every cat matters

We're making a difference in the world of cats.

We help people be proud of their love for cats or dogs, while providing for shelter cats or dogs in need.

How do we do this? Every time you make a purchase on our website (which is full of awesome cat stuff, by the way), we do one of the following things: 

    • Donate meals to shelter cats or dogs
    • Donate toys to shelter cats or dogs
    • Donate blankets to shelter cats or dogs


Each product on our store tells you exactly how many cats you are feeding and helping. 



We're HUGE believers in the "Adopt, don't shop" philosophy. That's why we're pushing to make a difference.


And to you, the person reading this:


You can make a difference too.


Love cats? You'll absolutely love the unique range of apparel and accessories we have!


Whether it's providing meals to shelter cats, or new toys to play with, you'll feel good knowing you made a difference.


Not to mention, you'll also be standing proud with your awesome new stuff from Cherish Pets Home! 😻

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